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ABC TabsABC Tabs
Aerosmith -The complete Aerosmith Discography, tabs and lyrics
AATIMLADS AATIMLADS Aston's alternative tablature, images, MIDIs, lyrics, all downloads & shopping. Metallica, Nirvana, RATM, AIC, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, Garbage, Portishead
Adam Schneider's Chord/Tab Archive - Mostly acoustic music.
Acoustic Guitar Music Acoustic Guitar Music
Acoustic Guitar Music Acoustic Guitar Tabs
Brian Adams Tabs
Aha guitar chordsAha guitar chords
Alex's Tabs Page - Mostly alternative artists.
The All Australian Guitar Tab Page
American Primitive Guitar American Primitive Guitar


The Band Guitar Chords and Lyrics
Bandology - Guitar tabs and band directory
Bass Tabs - Premier bass site with bass tab search!
Bass Tabs - A virtual community for bass players featuring discussion boards, bass tabs, music auctions, bass reviews and more...BassTabz hass all the latest bass tabs and bass news. Also review bass guitar products.
Bass Tab Archive - The largest searchable collection of bass tablature on the internet.
Bass Tab Archive - Pandrino's bass tab archive. The largest searchable collection of bass tablature on the internet.
Beach Boys-The/Brian Wilson-Great site with many lyrics and chords.
Best Tab Central
Black Sabbath-161 Tabs Download 126K zip file with all guitar tabs! Download 45K zip file with all bass tabs!
Bluegrass -Guitar Tabs to Traditional and Bluegrass Songs
Blues Tabs - PowerTab Blues Tabs
Blues and Jazz Tabs
Blues Tabs
Blues and other Tabs
Blues and Rock Tabs
Blues Tabs
Blues Tabs
Blues Tabs
Blues and other Tabs
Blues and other Tabs
Blues and other Tabs
Blues Tabs
Blues and other guitarists' stage and studio set-ups
Blues and other Chords
Blues Traveller Home PageBlues Traveller Home Page-Nice site with lyrics and some tabs
Bon Jovi -Guitar Chords for Bon Jovi Albums
Bossa Nova Bossa Nova Guitar - Samba, Bossa Nova & MPB Guitar Chords, Lyrics & MP3 Bossa Nova Guitar Search Engine
Brit Pop Tabs-This site has all tabs and/or chords of British bands like Muse, Suede, Manics, Mansun, Travis etc.
Garth Brooks-tabs and chords and lyrics
Meredith Brooks Tabs
Byrds-Tablature for Popular Byrds Tunes
Jeff Buckley- Jeff Buckley guitar tabs and lyrics, plus some links to Ben Harper tabs too.


EuropeEric Clapton & Cream-Lyrics and Guitar Tabs Eric Clapton on & Cream
Eric Clapton Guitar Tabs
The Clash: London's Burning - features lyrics, guitar/bass tablature, graphics and much more about the music of the Clash.
Classical Guitar Tablature-Transcribes dozens of guitar tablatures from OLGA's classical guitar section.
Classical Guitar Tablature in the Realm-A growing selection of classical guitar tablature from many artists.
Classical Guitar Home Page (Tabs Page)-On the following pages you'll find the guitar tabs available on this page. They include the following information: Title, tuning, key, sample (If available), comments, who transcribed it, and the difficulty of the piece. The difficulty ranges from intermediate to pro.
Classic Rock Tabs- Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix ,Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd
Corrs Guitar Site - Dedicated guitar site, with tablatures, chord patterns, and techniques.
Collective Soul Tabs & Lyrics-This site has lots of information and lyrics about this band.
Country-The Information Center for Fans of Alternative Country Roots Rock Artists Guitar Tablature / chords
Country- Texas musicians' tabs & lyrics
Country- Great Country Music resource of Lyrics chords tabs
Country - Pop - Rock - Brazilian-Only the newest guitar tabs
Cowpie Songs-RoughstockCowpie Songs-Roughstock
Crosby Stills and Nash Tabs and lyrics
Crosby Stills and NashGuitar and bass tabs/ Chords, lyrics, search by album
Cyco's Guitar Page - a growing archive of classic/rock guitar tabs in Russian and English.


Dalle's Tab Archive - Hendrix, Dire Straights, Clapton and Cream.
Danny's Tabs - Large selection of tablature
Dave's Tab Archive - Mostly rock/alternative tunes.
Dave Mathews Band Tabs
Deep Purple -Deep Purple Lyrics, Chords and Tablature
Dire Straits - Chords
Dust My Broom-Bi-lingual (French / English) site with lyrics and/or tabs for some blues classics from Charley Patton, Skip James, Son House, Taj Mahal, B. B. King.
Bob Dylan -Comprehensive Archive of Dylan Guitar Chords


EuropeEagles-Guitar chords and tabs, lyrics etc.
Elvis Tabs and Lyrics resource for Metallica , Guitar Tabs
EuropeE-Tabs Guitar Tabs Archive - Over 21000 tabs


FoghatGuitar Tabs and lyrics
Folk: - Tabs and lyrics for folk, old-time country tunes. "Oh Brother where art thou" movie soundtrack tab section


GenesisGenesis-This is an archive of transcriptions of chords/tabs for Genesis songs.
Graphical Guitar Tablature - Graphical Guitar Tablature.
Green Day Tabs - collection of guitar chords and tablature.
Golden EarringGolden Earring-Chords and Lyrics
Guitarstart_over 22.000 tablatures.
The Guitar SwampChicken Pickin' Rock Guitar Tablature and Instruction (Unique)
GuitarTabs Blues
Guitar e Tabs -Tons of popular guitar tabs!
MySongBook Guitar Pro database -Large collection of Tablature in Guitar Pro format -Guitar duel online-tabs and sound
The Guitar Tab Page - Mostly rock/alternative tunes.
Guns'n RosesGuns'n Roses -Lyrics and Tabs


Happy Phantom's Tablature - For miscellaneous rock, mostly alternative.
Hardcore and Punk-Over 2500 punk, ska tabs for bass, guitar and drum tabs
Juliana Hatfield Tab Page - guitar tablature for Juliana Hatfield songs and those by her first band, the Blake Babies.
Heavy Metal Tabs - MusicWORLD Heavy Metal Tabs
Jimi Hendrix Tabs
Jimi Hendrix Tabs
Jimi Hendrix-Jimi Hendrix Chords & Tabs
HeX-TaB - About 70 tabs for modern rock tunes
The Mississippi John Hurt Guitar Tab Book


In Salford the Sun doesn't Shine - chords for songs from guitar pop bands from the '80s to '90s including artists from Sarah records, el Records, Creation Records, and others.


Jeff Healey-Jeff Healey's Blues/Rock Chords, Tabs and Powertab Files
Johnny Clifford`s Guitar Tabs & Chords - includes tabs for Blur, Catatonia, James, Kulashaker, Manics, Oasis, Pulp, Radiohead, and Suede.
EuropeElton John-The Ultimate Elton John Chordbook. More than 200 chords listed
Robert Johnson Tabs - In addition to lyrics of all his songs, there are tabs & chords to ALL his 29 songs + 12 alternate takes, in plain .txt format as well as in GuitarPro format.
Judas Priest Tabs


Kif Rides Again - guitar & bass tabulatures for various rock and metal bands. Metal tab, Classic tab, Indie/Rock tabs.
BB King Tabs
KISS -KISS guitar tabs, chords, bass tablatures


Jonny Lang Tabs
Led Zeppelin Tabs
Led Zeppelin Tabs-Led Zeppelin guitar tabs, chords, bass tablatures


Maria's Lyrics & Music Links - Guitar/Bass Tabs & Chords Links
Max's Guitar Tabs Tabs for Hendrix, Cream, Beatles, Santana, and more.
Sarah McLachlan Guitar Archive - contains chords, tablature and related materials.
Metallica Tabs
Metallica Tabs -Guitar, bass and drum tabs
Metal-Hardcore Tab Page
Metal Bands Metal tabs- thousands of guitar and bass tablatures dedicated to metal and progressive music
Metal tabsMetal tabs-Another one
Michael's Kitchen - Chord charts and lyrics for a variety of songs.
Mitchell, Joni - contains tested tabs and tunings for selected Joni Mitchell songs as well as links and instruction.


Nine Inch NailsGuitar Tabs
Nirvana Tabs


Oh CanadaOh Canada-Lyrics and Tabs
On-line Guitar Archive (Olga).On-line Guitar Archive (Olga)-Great site with many lyrics and tabs.Many musicians visits this page.
On-line Tabs - Mostly acoustic songs.
(OLGA)-Tabulatury - Polish OLGA mirror.
Ozzy Osbourne -Tabs, bass tabs and lyrics


Pearl JamTabs and lyrics
Pink Floyd Tabs / Chordsand lyrics, All the early Floyd Tunes. A page dedicated to the legend of Roger Keith Syd Barrett
Pink Floyd / Syd BarretTabs and lyrics, All the early Floyd Tunes.
Popa Chubby Tabs
Primus - Cheesy Tablature
Punk and Hardcore-Over 2500 punk, ska tab for bass, guitar and drum tab


Quality Tabs - The Ultimate Rap/Hip Hop/Funk Guitar and Bass Tab Page
Queen - Queen bass tab, guitar tab, chords - HardRock Stage tablature


1=2 Radiohead Tablature - guitar chords, guitar tabs, bass tabs, lyrics, links, and more.
Radiohead - guitar , bass and drum tab.
Rap & Funk Guitar and Bass Tabs - guitar and bass tabs from Rap, Hip Hop and Funk songs.
Ramones_Complete Guitar Tabs Compilation - collection of all songs with lyrics and chords or tabs for guitar. Also contains info on tablature notation and MIDIs.
Rancid_Complete Guitar Tab Compilation - complete with lyrics and chords or tabs for guitar.
The RealthingThe Real Thing-Lyrics and Chords Progressions of Jazz Standards.
Return of "The Bart" - guitar tabs/chords and lyrics from Pink Floyd, and other artists.
Rockin' With the Cross - Christian guitar tablature archive for musicians by musicians. -40 bands, 2738 guitar tabs, 1129 guitar chords, 1142 bass tabs
Rock Tabs-MusicWORLD Rock Tabs
Rock Tabs-Good site's Tab Archive - artists include the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, and the Beatles


Brian Setzer Tabs
Simon And Garfunkel - Acoustic Tablature Collection of acoustic songs. Includes guitar tablature and more
Smashing PumpkinsTabs good site
Soundgarden-probably the most complete list on the net.
Bruce Springsteen-Bruce Springsteen free guitar tablature


Tab of the Week
Tab City - Verifies all tabs before posting.
Third Eye Blind-Guitar and Bass Tabs and lyrics
Tab of the day.Tab of the day
TabrobotTab Robot- Excellent Guitar tab SEARCH engine; 350,000 guitar tabs & chords
Talking Heads Lyrics and ChordsAnd some other tabs.
Three Chord Symphony Archives - comprehensive Dire Stratis and Mark Knopfler tablature.
The Temple of TABs - Use the map to find your favorite band! A site filled with, easy to access, guitar TABs, Chords and Lyrics.
Thomas Faurby's Guitar Tabs - specializes in modern rock and alternative acts.
Tim's Online Guitar Archive


Ultimate GuitarTabs-Over 35,000 tabs. New tabs weekly!
Ultrababyfat -Guitartabs
The United Tabs of America - guitar and bass TABs, pictures, lyrics and links.
Uriah Heep Chords
Utopian Tab-Page - guitar tabs for Live, Bush, Bad Religion, Pearl Jam, and others.


Van Halen Guitar Tablature
Stevie Ray Vaughan Tabs- Tabs and Lyrics
The Velvet Underground - Guitar tabs and chords


Muddy Waters Tabs
Totally Ween Tablature - guitar tabs.
Weezer -Guitar Tabs and Lyrics
Robbie Williams -click on music in the menu for the chords
Johnny Winter-Bluesrock Johnny Winter Chords, Tabs and Powertab Files
World of Tabs


Weird Al Yankovic- Guitar Tab / Chords
Neil Young: HyperRust- Very Complete Neil Young Guitar Tab / Chord Database


Frank Zappa_Chrome Plated Transcription of Destiny Detailed Frank Zappa tablature.
Frank Zappa- Highly Ambient Domains - A comprehensive Frank Zappa guitar tablature site. Links to Frank Zappa tablature on the Web.
ZZ Top Tablaturezz - Guitar tablatures for a variety of ZZ Top songs.

Guitar Instructions, Services, Equipment and Utilities

Alternate Tuning Guide
Avalon Guitar Chord finder
GuitarNuts - Amps, Guitar Wiring, Pro-Tips, Technical, Gear Reviews, Goodies, and Theory & Technique
Guitar Pro- Guitar Pro is a multitrack tablature editor for guitar, banjo and bass.
Guitar Tricks
Guitar Chord Finder Guitar Chord Finder for Windows Download the shareware Super Guitar Chord Finder
Guitar Chord of the Minute
GuitarCoach CD-ROM
How to read and write Tab
Tab Crawler - Source For The Latest Guitar Tabs, Drum Tabs & Bass Tabs
TablEdit Tablature Editor
The Need for Speed
The Ultimate Chord Chart
WholeNote- Lessons, audio, tabs